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How ship operators benefit from MarDocs

Currently you are receiving recaps from your broker via a PDF attached to email.

Your broker is building the recap online using MarDocs software platform.

If you upgrade you can get access to that very same platform your broker and ship owner are using.

The advantages of upgrading are:

Stop getting emails with recaps as PDF attachments – get access to the online platform and see all documents digitally

Edit reaps in the system: Make any recap change requests to your counter parties on the platform

Clearly see changes made by any parties via our change tracking features

Have easy access to all past recaps and CPs – never lose a document!

Hi I’m Nathan and I’m the commercial lead for MarDocs – I’ve recorded this 2 minute video on how we can help charterers on MarDocs.

If you do wish to speak in more detail, then please fill in the form on this page. It comes straight through to me and I will be in touch.”

Hear from Nathan about how MarDocs makes charterer’s lives easier

Contact Nathan

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