Built to simplify the chartering process.

Designed with you in mind.

Introducing MarDocs, the fully independent cloud-based collaboration tool that securely enables Charterers, Owners and Brokers to go about the age-old business of managing fixtures in a whole new way.

MarDocs Charter Party. Redefining co-operation.

Charter Party Management Company

Our simple and intuitive interface streamlines the charter party management process, making it instant and effortless to amend or agree any part of any Fixture document. Line by line, paragraph by paragraph, every change is tracked and every version saved.

When fixing a vessel, it is important that there is a well-formatted fixture recap and a full charter party for the voyage to help ensure the correct terms and conditions are applied and all parties work from the same set of documents.

MarDocs makes this possible.

For tanker cargoes, it allows a set of terms to be agreed between the Charterer and Vessel Owner. This comprises of a set of ‘Agreed Terms’ and the Owner’s rider clauses. The Agreed Terms are normally derived from a proforma charter party, such as BPVoy5 or AsbaTank Voyage.

MarDocs allows any party draw up the Recap by means
of a simple deal entry screen.

The Charterer can provide the Broker with the set of Agreed Terms that apply to the relevant voyage. The Owner, Charterer or Broker can then see and make amendments to the charter party. MarDocs will track and audit all changes, up until the point where the voyage is fixed. Then the documents are locked down and become unchangeable.

This is how our Charter Party Management works:

With MarDocs all Charter parties have online access to the very latest version
of the documents. It is all done in a simple, efficient, and transparent manner.

  • Speed and accuracy of the System is uncompromised for any Fixture
  • Agreed Terms Library can be made accessible to and editable by Brokers
  • Comprehensive look-up of vessels
  • Technical details are imported into the Fixture
  • Built-in compliance, security and audit logs
  • Keyword search functionality which makes any detail easy to find
  • Recap and charter party templates with no formatting or layout issues
  • View and edit the latest version of your document from anywhere
  • Alerts and notification of any amendments
  • Cross-platform and browser compatibility